Opérations commandos de libération d'animaux

Sitting around the campfire one night, some of us warriors of the Animal Liberation Front decided it was time we say a few words about our deeds as continually we are labeled by those outside of our circle as everything except what we are : terrorists, extremists, fanatics, doctors, lawyers? " animal rignts activists". Sure there have been cells who might fit some of those descriptions, but not us. Since few people ever see our communiques except the corporate-controlled media, few would understand that our concerned go way beyond animal abuse. In our view from the shore, we see animal abuse as just one symptom of a much larger disease. That disease, which also brings us racism, sexism, militarism, environnemental destruction, alcoholism, drug abuse, domestic violence, male domination and downright bad attitude toward our fellow creation, just to name a few. What has caused us to be plagued with these diseases when the world could be beautiful ? That's not for us to discuss. We're warriors, not philosophers.

Whatever it is, we see that disease slowly creeping into our various struggles and it makes us want to cry. Rumors, back-biting, inflated egos, trying to get laid, trying to raise funds by appearing "respectable", we've all seen it and it's causing our movment to self-destruct, just as they begin to become truly the catalyst for real change. Now we're far from perfect ourselves; we have made our mistakes, hurt each other, but from where we stand we are far from giving up. We don't want to see others make the same mistakes we have made , hence this 'zine. This is a story. The story of a handful of people who cared enough to risk their lives and freedom for what they believe. For Earth and for the release of the prisoners of the war on nature. It hasn't been without its costs. Though we are all here tonight, one of us is sitting in an 11 by 7 foot cell in Federal Prison for the next four years. He isn't the first and he sure as hell won't be the last. In this story, there are many chapters. We are but one. The rest is up to you. We are here to tell you about our moments of victory and defeat. Our moments of tremendous joy at being alive on this beautiful planet earth as we fought proudly in her defense, and our moments of great despair when the whole world seemed against us. Mostly this 'zine is about a struggle that began before our grandparents were alive. It's about a spirit. The spirit of freedom and the spirit of what the wild that refuses to be tamed. It's about a struggle that began long before the term "Animal Rights" was ever spoken. When Earth first! wasn't a slogan, but a way of life.... and death. It's about remembering that those of us who choose to represent the Earth Mother and her Animals Nations now inherit a responsability that others have been killed fulfilling and which we must put before anything else in our lives, including our own freedom if necessary . It is about power. Not man-made power, but the power that only the spirit of Earth can give us. The power we receive when we awaken to the sounds of the coyotes song, and the howling wind through the last ancient old-growth trees. Power that no man can give us and power that no man can take away. Power that can lift us above our enemies to become the type of warriors we only hear about myths a nd legends. Power that is just waiting for us to rediscover and unleash. It' s about breaking the chains wrapped around us beginning on that first day of school, the first day of work. Chains that slowly wrap around us untill we are ready to be considered responsible adults, but because of those chains we have forgotten how to move, how to be free, how to live in harmony with all of life, with the four-leggeds, the winged ones and all the animal people as our brothers and sisters.


Let's face it, many of us are afraid. Afraid of being wrong. Afraid of being alone. Afraid of spending years in prison. Afraid of being shot or incinerated, like 60 adults and 24 children in Waco, Texas at the bloody hands of the U.S Government. Fear is our enemy's greatest weapon because unlike having to place a police officer in every home, it is already there, waiting to be unleashed with carefully orchestrated images on corporate controlled T.V and newspapers. Prison cells with their iron doors slamming shut, police beatings by batonwielding Nazis, "terrorists" being led away in orange suits and chains, images that keep our fear at being alive and strong.

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The Plains indians have a saying they would yell going into battle, " Hoka Hey ! " It is a good day to die ! To us, that meant they had overcome that most common of fears, that fear of death. Unleashed from their feras of death, they would charge forward into battle against people who were very much afraid to die and as a result, those warriors won the only victory in which an unconditional surrender was signed by the U.S. Government, in its history, Red Clouds War of the 1860's. Much like those of us would rather die than live in a world without wilderness ans animals, those brave warriors overcame their fears of imprisonment and death because they knew the power of the Earth was very real. Not just a belief, but a reality. Much more real than anything the U.S. Government had to offer. A reality where all animals where messengers and every mountain a cathedral. The stories we read about those tribes and their relationship with the Earth, Animals and their spirits were not myth or folklore, they were and are real. Real enough to drive a human to sacrifice all in their world for the hope that future generations might share in that same power that lies within the spirit of every living being and flows through every wild creation. For the hope that you, the children of Earth gave their lives on this continent for the Earth Spirits and Animal People and their wilderness homes can give us. The power that breaks our chains and awakens our spirit to the realization, that you represent possibly, the last hope for this planet we all call home.

There are those who can see the horrors of vivisection, fur farming, the oil covered shorelines and the clearcut mountainsides, and plod forward the muck of lobbing, petitioning, letter-writting, politicking and protesting. This 'zine is not for them. This 'zine is for every young man and woman who has cried for the blood of the Earth, stood in shock, open-mouthed at the callousness and cruelty some can inflict on our peacefullest of fellow creations, the Animal People. For everyone who has ever felt helpless against an enemy a thousand times larger than yourself.

For those who cannot live with the pain of knowing that every morning the laboratory lights are turned on, the chainsaws are oiled and sharpened, the gas chambers are wheeled out to the pelting barns, and the slaughter is continuing, this is for you, so that you may never feel alone again, so that you may see that though we may never achieve total victory in our lifetimes, sometimes victory and freedom is ours simply by fighting, by breaking our own chains before wa can break the chains of others.